Project Goals and Plans:

Sports Traider is a youth-focused charity that offers kit and support to youngsters so they can fulfil their sporting ambition, whatever their background, ability or disability is. Our objective was to create an entirely new website with fantastic colour schemes, layout and graphics that could entice the young people.


The site was related to the sporting activities, so unique colour themes were required that could attract the youngsters. Also, the old site was not mobile friendly while the new site was required to be friendly for all devices so that youngsters could access it from any gadget.

How We Achieved Our Goals

Unique Layout:

Designed an attractive website to enable the young people to easily find the latest events and other stuff related to sports.

Enhanced Developmental Features:

We created a database so that productivity could be increased with its minimum use. Modifiable codes, data scalability, and social media plugins were created for efficient working.

Professional Fonts:

Professional font style has been used so that the website can look appealing.


Keeping in mind the current needs of the youngsters that are interested in sports, we have offered the navigation that is easier to use on all devices so they can enjoy while exploring the different events and sections.


By using an exclusive design, appealing colour themes, fonts and graphics, we have seen a significant increase in the new visits of youngsters in a short time period.