Project Goals and Plans:

Ridge Works DS is a learning and development platform that aims to enable small, medium and large sized businesses to gain the benefits of possessions available to them. When designing online learning portal, our purpose was to design a new and bespoke website with exclusive colour schemes and website that could attract students and teachers alike.


To create an online portal, making it a point of intersection between the teachers and students, while keeping it user-friendly and maintaining the records of courses and integrating with a platform like Newsprint was a challenging task.

How We Achieved Our Goals

Exclusive Layout:

Created an appealing website to enable the teachers and students to find out the courses on a site easily.

Improved Developmental Features:

We developed a database so that productivity could be maximised with its minimal use. Data scalability, modifiable codes, and social media plugins were developed for effective working.

Trendy Fonts:

Trendy font style has been used so it can look appropriate with the website.


Keeping in mind the requirements of the prospective teachers and students, we have offered the navigation that is easier to use on all devices so they can get their preferred courses.


By using a unique design, attractive colour themes, fonts and graphics, we have seen a considerable improvement in the new visits of teachers and students in a short time interval.