Water Safety Solutions


Project Goals and Plans:

Nant Ltd delivers water safety solutions to the owners and residents of the UK.  Our objective was to create an entirely new website with exceptional colour themes and graphics that could attract the prospective clients.


The site was related to the water safety measures and filtration, but the design was old-fashioned and not mobile friendly. There was a need to use colours, graphics and banners that could give a stylish look, thus making it user and mobile-friendly.

How We Achieved Our Goals

Unique Layout:

We designed an attractive website that could enable the clients to easily navigate the site for their preferred products and services.

Enhanced Developmental Characteristics:

Created a database where so its minimal use could maximise productivity. Data scalability, modifiable codes, and social media plugins were created for efficient working.

Professional Fonts:

Professional font style has been used so it can seem suitable with the website.


Keeping in mind the need of the potential customers, we are offering the navigation that is easier to use on all gadgets so they can enjoy when exploring the various products and services.


By using an artistic design, eye-catching colour schemes and graphics, we have seen a significant increase in the new client’s visits in a short time period.