Best Deodarant for Kids

Project Goals and Plans:

We Keep it Kind offers an innovative range of aluminium free deodorant for kids. To attract the teenage and pre-teen groups in the UK, skin friendly deodorant products needed to be introduced that were also environment-friendly.


Where customised design was used to make an impressive website, removing suspicious backlinks was also challenging.

How We Achieved Our Goals

Unique website:

The website had an exclusive and customised layout that involved all the improved features.
Enhanced Developing Features: Database optimisation, scalability, social media plugins and modifiable codes were developed so that the potential users could navigate easily to their desired products.


For easy online navigation, we designed a site structure accordingly, keeping in view the parents, kids, stockiest and regular customers.

Search Engine Optimisation:

Advanced content strategies, On-page and off-page optimisation and website audit was made to eliminate the multiple page errors and content duplication.


With our efforts, the clientele has increased by 50% compared to the last year’s survey. This client has got an earlier position within three months.