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Hi, please feel free to browse some of our team members bios below. We have kept it light and friendly as we were bored of seeing the usual boring team pages, where it’s just a photo, title and link. We are a fun easy going team and as a company, we strive to promote individuality and creativity.


Nadeem Farooq

Managing Director

Having successfully Graduated with an MBA and MSC in Finance & Business Management. I utilised my financial and managerial skill set by joining the Nadvertex team as the Managing Director in 2012. Our core values are customer service, eye for detail and been able to help other small business grow whilst supporting them from a digital aspect. I am passionate and driven in everything I set my mind to and am glad that I have been part of the journey with Nadvertex.

My main roles are overseeing and implementing routines and polices for the day to day running of the business and handling all the financials for the company as it grows both in the UK and abroad, including forecasting, budgeting and managing our growth expansion plan.

Paul Mangiagalli

Global Technical Operations

Iam responsible for the technical operations in the Uk and Abroad and enjoy the daily challenges it brings. People that know me say that Project Management and implementation is in my blood. I have been told I have a unique ability to see “Outside of the Box” and risk assess situations whilst still having the drive to take a risk and have a leap of faith. Nadvertex has been a big part of my life and I am glad that I have contributed to the Journey from the beginning.

I am proud to be part of the iBeard Club  & The Bearded Rapscallions team and architect of the #360brotherhood on #iBeardclub, #lovewins #thebeardedrapscallions 

I love my family and enjoy my food and all things retro…., Yes I might own a few retro BMX’s and bikes ;). My other big passion is Gadgets!. I have been in the Digital development and Marketing  field for more years then I can remember and also a Prince 2 Practitioner.

Bearding is a lifestyle and I’ve made many new friends as a result of it.

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Ali Mubarak

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Shaukat Ali Tahir

Regional Director


Crystal Hall

Creative Director

Successfully acquiring my degree in Media Arts and working in the field of television. I then moved on to work in digital media. Ensuring that campaigns run according to business goals, I usually coordinate, manage and create digital content for website, infographics, videos blogs, press release etc.

I maintain and manage social media channels as well as liaise with marketing and sales teams. I work to improve brand presence, using sales, marketing methods and I suggest strategies for improvement. Keeping up to date with digital media technologies and latest trends to help me provide the best that I can.

Drew Ormrod

Director of Photography

I have several passions besides photography. I love my music and also contemplating life and the creative ways in which it can be captured in a photo which lasts a lifetime. 

Through my passion I have traveled all over the world and have had my work published in both national and international publications . I am able to capture the essence of a subject and portray it in a visual creative way. As the old saying goes “An image speaks a thousand words”



Melanie Llewellyn

Media Manager

Hi, not sure what to put here, but here goes….

I have written several books and have been involved in the creative industry for many years.

My passion is art and its creativity that comes from inspiration of the human mind, which fascinates me.  Through my own life experiences and different roles in the Art world environment, I have managed to utilise my key strengths and apply that to clients needs and aspirations through helping them build their brand and digital estate strategy. 

Arman ul Haq

Marketing Strategist

Where do I start?
Through my friendship with Nadeem I have joined the Nadvertex team to assist in growing the company and brand by bringing my passion to the company. I enjoy the challenge of looking at our objectives as a whole and then to strategize the route we agree to reach our goals.

I am also a keen supporter of Cricket and I can regularly be found watching a match or sometimes taking part in one!

I also have, some might say an obsession with cars…..


Fraz Zia-Ud-Din

Sr. Frontend Developer

Umer Juanid

Branch Manager


Aftab Ashraf

SEO Executive

Ali Raza

Assistant Manager