6 Ways to Adopt For Getting One Thousand Facebook Fans:

Whether you are starting a new business or running a pre-existing organisation, advertising the company in the most cost-effective way is a dream and struggle of every entrepreneur. In today’s technological era, social media is a common platform that is used by most organisations to promote their business products and services. Where this free platform is widely used, the majority of us don’t know exactly how to use them effectively. Facebook is a common social media marketing stage that is used by all the small and large scale organisations. Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook is easier to use and maximise the potential clients, but how? Here, we will discuss the most common steps in an innovative way that would help you to increase the Facebook fans by one thousand.

Step 1: Create a Facebook page. Avoid leaving any step in this phase as it comprises the most crucial information that must be filled. What this phase is actually about, URL of the website, the cover photo involving the image(s) of the actual products and services, the profile photo containing the logo of the website and business commencement information are included in it. Moreover, complete address details in case of brick and mortar business, mission in shape of what your business is aimed for, long descriptions giving complete and useful info about what the business actually does, contact details in the form of phone number and email address and content for the Facebook page are also required in this section. Editing the photo description in the cover photo section would help you to correlate and control the text that appears in the updated content. Remember that the content you use must be of high quality and could clearly depict your business since 936 million daily active Facebook users share the content which assists in publicising the business.

Step 2: With an “Invite Friends” option on the page, you can send as many invitation requests to your Facebook friends as you like. We all have friends on the Facebook, so influencing them to get added or like a fan page is not difficult at all. To increase the Facebook fans within a few time, ask your closest friends to be a part of your admin and then invite their acquaintances.

Step 3: Consider other networks to gain followers. Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter followers can be influenced to share or like the Facebook page. Twitter is a funnel through which you can induce the followers to tweet the URL of the Facebook page. Shooting emails in bulk to your contacts can help you to get maximum likes for this page. A feature “Tell Your Fans” is available on the Facebook that can also be used to promote the page. Placing your fan page link onto the other social media platforms can assist in increasing the page traffic.

Step 4: Adding as many Facebook buttons as you can assist in optimising the webpage or the website. The more buttons such as like, share, comments, follow, send, embed post, feed dialog, activity feed and recommendations feed will be added, the more will it increase the interest of the potential users on the fan page. Displaying the profile pictures of the people that liked your page can be a big influence on the prospective clients.

Step 5: To get a profitable initial fan base, you can use Facebook Advertising feature. Make sure that your advertising element should mainly emphasise the users that are interested and related to your niche. To increase the fan base over time, target your existing fans (who have visited your blog or website) with new ads frequently. You would observe a considerable increase in the number of fans.

Step 6: To get more enhanced results, add Facebook like and share button on your blog post or website. All these steps would help in optimising the Facebook fan page, thereby increasing the opportunities for being a successful entrepreneur.