How to Enhance Writing Speed Without Dropping The Content Quality?

Being a content writer, how many of us have unbelievable writing speed, particularly when you are writing the content? Perhaps, very few of us are able to write the contents with the targeted number of words in the particular deadline. Writing speed is one of those big issues that are usually faced by the content writers, due to which the implementation of content marketing strategies are mostly delayed. Even if you are the best writer of your time, your efficiency and worth may decrease due to the lower typing speed. For someone who has lower writing speed would definitely like to enhance it without reducing the quality of the content. Where content marketing plays a significant role in the business promotion, increased writing speed when combined with it works just out of the box.

If you are a writer, facing these types of issues, then this post would just work wonders for you. Here, we are going to discuss the ways with which you can improve the writing speed without reducing the content quality.

Make Your Typing Up to the Required Level: It doesn’t matter how much well you can think of or have creative ideas in your mind, if your typing speed is not up to the required level, you cannot write quickly. It is not necessary to be an expert in typing, but at least, you should type the words to sixty per minute (60 WPM). To increase the typed number of words, you need to place the fingers properly on the keyboard with the thumbs hovering over the space bar. Looking again and again at the keyboard for alphabets might reduce your speed. The most appropriate way to increase the speed is to do practice and practice since practice makes a man perfect.

Jot Down the Ideas to Avoid Losing Them: To bring out something creative, we usually spent a number of minutes or hours to think over it. But what’s this? We suddenly forget what we were thinking since somebody just distracted our attention. The best way to avoid all such losses is to jot down the ideas that come to your mind. Keep in mind that it is the mind that works in its own way, not as we direct it. It is not possible that we just sit down and asks it to start thinking for some creativity. Writing down the ideas on some notebook can help us to save a number of hours from thinking again and again while actually focusing on writing.

Particularise Your Area to Avoid Distraction: The problem of distraction exists everywhere, particularly on the computer. The desire to checking your Facebook, Linkedin, emails, etc. usually waste loads of your time. Such activities generally lower down the productivity. To prevent distracting your mind, prefer a place where there is a pin drop silence, probably an office or personal room. Ask your friends and colleagues to lock the door smoothly to avoid noise. If it is also not possible, choose a library since this is the place that is quiet, while most of the libraries possess reserved rooms for silent work.
Avoid listening music and keep yourself away from websites that distract attention. Prefer to write in offline mode.

Create an Outline Prior To Writing: Creating an outline earlier to writing a content can give you a clear idea of what actually do you want to write and what must be researched to make the article stronger. An introduction section, a conclusion segment can help the reader to know what the article is all about. Remember that outlines should not be too long, rather they should be precise.

Do a Thorough Research before Writing: Want to give your readers an exceptional writing? Then make sure to do a thorough research relevant to the topic. Where writing a blog post that increases traffic is simple, it requires expertise in research and writing. Remember that all the essential points that you want to cover in your article must be researched prior to writing since switching the tasks between the research and writing really kills the writing speed.

Prefer To Write First Than Edit: Whatever we write initially usually proves to be a garbage or something that holds loads of mistakes. Whether you are writing a novel, a fiction story or whatever, it would be appropriate if you just write the content without editing it. Editing an article side by side can take a lot of your time which can probably distract your ideas too. Writing an article till it’s complete can help your brain just to focus on one point, rather than facing the task switching process. After completion, you can carefully check it to make changes in it.

Take Appropriate Breaks While Writing: No human being in this world is a robot. Everybody needs rest or break from work. To show the best performance in your article, take appropriate breaks after every few hours. This would make you enjoy while writing, and perhaps enhance your writing ability. But make sure that your breaks should not distract your attention and if this is the case, then you need to write all the ideas and important points onto the paper before taking the break.

Give a Deadline to Yourself: Prior to writing an article, set a deadline as to when it should be completed. Without creating such a deadline may extend your time unnecessarily which means that other tasks would have probably been ignored. The increase in the writing speed largely depends upon your deadline while meeting a deadline means that you have firm control over your ideas, writing and is capable to work quickly to meet the deadline. The sooner will you write the content, the more efficient it will describe you. Improved quality content always comes from editing.

Prefer To Write in the Most Productive Time: The style of work varies from individual to individual. Some people feel fresher at night, so choose to write at that time, while many others prefer to write in the morning. It is up to you to decide which time would suit you best to write an article. Rather than making struggle in the non-productive hours to write something, select a time in which you can be more creative and focused.

Use Simple and Easy Words: Not all of us have the same capacity to understand the ideas or writing. In order to give your readers something that could attract them because it is understandable, use simpler words. Avoid using complex words or sentences that could discourage or confuse the readers.
Practicing the above mentioned steps would not make you perfect overnight, but they would gradually improve your speed. By applying these steps in your article writing, you may probably increase the writing speed by ten percent within a few days.