How to Dodge hitting by google penalty?

Are you running an organization that depends on online traffic to drive key business results? Or you are offering search engine optimisation services without much aware of the google rules? I envision you have known about the feared Google punishment. In any case, to clear up any misconception, a Google punishment alludes to Googles reaction when a webpage attempts exercises that contradict its website admin rules. This deliberate penalisation of your site and the related negative effect on your locales rankings and traffic, happens when your site is physically investigated or because of one of the normal updates of the calculations that direct indexed lists.

Why have you been punished? There are various reasons, however most regularly it identifies with the utilization of ‘dark cap’ methods used to make or control backlinks to trick web crawlers into favoring your organization over others in indexed lists.

Learn about google penalties


The point of Panda was to make top notch content position higher than low quality substance. Specifically it was targeting sites with thinner content and low quality content usually taken from somewhere else on the internet.

Panda is still piece of Google’s calculation today and this implies site proprietors must be watchful about posting pages that have almost no substance on them or which ‘get’ data from somewhere else. On the off chance you are concerned about your website, avoid getting caught by this penalty by posting original and high quality piece of writing.


When attempting to figure out what top notch content was, Google thought of the idea that if something was high caliber, different destinations would connection to it. This made them take the quantity of backlinks a site had into thought when positioning them.

The aim was to identify corrupt methods of getting links for boosting up the ranking of the website. Penguin was discharged to discover destinations or pages with these sorts of backlinks. On the off chance that your site has them, you will be punished.

The message is clear and must be known to your SEO agency UK as well. Try not to utilize low quality or specifically paid links. Google presently is just inspired by connections from high-expert, confided in destinations.


A key component of getting positioned in Google is to utilize good keywords. These are critical in light of the fact that they illuminate the web index about the subject of your substance. Along these lines, it knows whether your site is important to a client’s inquiry.

Sadly, numerous site proprietors have taken a technique of using keywords excessively or in appropriate number in small content lines. This result in google launching the Hummingbird penalty with the aim of removing the sites from search engines which are focused towards keyword stuffing.


Google’s calculations are presently so refined, they not just search for the watchword, and they additionally search for related setting words as well. Along these lines, you must only use the keywords when required or use indirect approach of writing to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Mobile era

With 66% of surfing presently done on a cell phone, Google expected to drive site proprietors to make sites that were versatile well disposed. Therefore, the ‘Mobilegeddon’ penalty was launched to ensure only mobile responsive websites are getting top positions in search engines.

On the off chance if your site is non-mobile responsive, you will still get the traffic but you are losing so much of customers and obviously chances of your keywords appearing in the google as well.

Deadly activities to avoid being penalized by google

Try not to Buy Links

For what reason is this so risky? Since the forces that-be at Google are very mindful that individuals are occupied with deceitful action of buying links to get ranking rather than using natural methods. You can bet that the organization will find a way to decide the IP locations of servers on these PBNs and delisting them.

Try not to Stuff Keywords

The old school thought was to use and reuse keywords, however this is so hazardous now. What’s the ideal catchphrase thickness to guarantee that your substance gets seen by Google yet doesn’t get punished? There’s extremely no correct answer. That is the reason the best decision is to utilize the keywords normally all through your substance rather than stuffing it in however much as could reasonably be expected.

Check Backlinks and remove Bad Ones

One approach to guarantee that your site doesn’t get punished is to routinely check your backlinks to ensure that you’re not accepting awful connection juice from destinations that are known for spam. Keep in mind, regardless of whether you have less time available, you need to use it for removing the deadly backlinks and making good ones.

Try not to use link exchange strategy

You may be someone who’s a firm devotee to technique of exchanging links, mark it red! Sounds like an incredible thought and an impressive case of “do something for me and I’ll return the favor,” isn’t that so? But don’t practice it as google will penalize it.

Wrapping It Up

You’ve strived to construct your image on the web. The exact opposite thing you need is to watch the reasons behind traffic losing on your site since if Google will verify that you’re abusing its SEO arrangements, it will castigate you. Play it straight and you’ll abstain from losing cash.