How I generated 20K Impressions & 1K Traffic with a single post:

Today, I am going to show you how a single post can generate 20K Impressions and 1K leads without a creating single link just because of well targeted keyword.

How I started?: At Nadvertex Digital Solutions, i am always encouraged to experiment different things for SEO. In January 2015, I decided to publish a post just on the basis of Keywords Research and On Page optimisation. My aim was to check if I can avoid Google Panda and Penguin Panelists. So, I decided that i will not do any back linking for this post. Now, the challenge was to choose such a keywords which should generate as many as 10K impressions and 500 traffic to one of our blogs.

Keyword Research: Finding a good keyword is always and difficult task and without a good keyword you are almost lost. If you don’t know how to find a good keyword, you should go to YouTube and find a handsome amount of keyword research tutorial. Some of them are quite awesome. I sat down on my laptop and i started doing keywords research. Searching a good keyword is always considered a difficult job. i tried different keywords for my Insurance Niche blog. Finally, after half an our of hard work, i was able to search a keyword, which has 3600 Perches In UK with fair amount of competition. Once, the keyword came in front of my eyes, i started jumping in my chair.

Content Creation: Now, there was a difficult task of creating a unique and quality content for that specific keywords was smiling over my face. but, i sat down on my chair and started writing down a 300-600 words text for that specific keyword. i tried my best to use keep my words simple and paragraphs short. it helped me in compiling a handful of content for my post.

On-Page Optimisation: When the content was done, I decide to publish that content. I logged in to the blog and generated a compelling post in just 20 minutes. I used my keywords in the URL, content, Title, Description and headings tags. I used images with proper alt tags. i published the post once i completed the On Page Optimisation.

Results: With in next 15 days, traffic started coming on that specific post. This post ranks on 4th position in just one week.

Conclusion: It Generate 20K Impressions and 1k leads to clients website. still today, After 3 moths, this post is on 4th position and it is generating good amount of traffic on daily basis. Can you tell me any other technique through which one can generate good traffic?