How to Increase Blog Traffic by 20, 000 A Month:

To whichever type of business we are running, every one of us wants to enhance the visibility of its company’s website. We all know that increasing the blog traffic involves latest techniques of search engine optimization and to some extent-social media marketing. Creating a new blog only to find the web traffic does not give fruitful results. Instead, there is a whole process which assists in increasing the blog traffic on a consistent basis – a process that every blogger or website owner can replicate.

Do you want to know the marketing tactics that could enhance your blog traffic without even spending a penny? The tactics I am going to discuss here will work for anyone who tries it. With the use of these techniques, you can experience a considerable increase in the blog traffic.

Email Collection:  Collecting emails from your blog is really prolific for your business campaign. With emails, you can get the most consistent traffic compared to the other search traffic. Emails can be collected via the email subscriber form that can be displayed on the side of the blog post. Whatever new content is published on the blog can be sent to the subscribers via this email list.

Exceptional Detailed Content:  Lengthy blog posts are attractive both for the readers and Google bots. A blog post of minimum four thousand words with tons of images and screenshots give a comprehensive knowledge to the interested readers. Link building is not the only source of boosting the web traffic on a constant basis. Exceptional and detailed content involving the long tail targeted keywords (that are less competitive) allow you to get a good ranking on the search engines. If you know what content marketing is, then you must also know that unique and well written content is something that nobody wants to ignore it or even try to copy it. This means how much great job you have done.

Fan Base Creation: Creating a fan base is really challenging when you know that there are thousands of people in the world and everyone has its own mindset. In case of a website, an appealing web design with an easy to use navigation and informative content attracts most of the prospective clients. While, a blog post with the relevant and useful content and images that could solve the customer’s problems can help you to gain most of the appropriate traffic. Answering each comment of your own blog post and sending replies to the emails that you are getting from your fans lets the clients to know that you are actively engaged with them and can help them at any time when in need.

Frequent Content Creation: Producing and publishing regular contents, probably two to three in a week helps you to increase the search traffic of the blog. If your goal is to ramp up your personal blog, then you need to create high quality content to make your monthly visitors increase at the faster rate.

Effective Partnerships: Business development cannot be enhanced without partnerships. You need to make good relations with the prospective clients and the associates that can help you in any way. Partnering with the business associates in some form like providing a WordPress theme that is both superb from coding and design perspective can help you to enhance website traffic if you just place a company’s website link in the footer of the web page. Remember to keep the links “no followed” so that you could not be penalised by Google, but only gain sizeable referral traffic. There is no rocket science in enhancing the blog traffic. Following the above mentioned points can help you to gain significant traffic with the passage of time.