App Development Trends for 2018 & beyond

Eric Schmidt, 1955 (executive chairman of Google) shared his view by saying, “mobile is the future, and there’s no such thing as communication overload”.

Versatile applications have been the focal point of development for a long time. With the consistently developing business sector and present-day innovations coming up it is hard to remain essential and competitive. 2018, a year of technology, sustainability and growth for businesses require understanding the customer’s focus.

Discover some of the trends for IOS app Development Company here:

Cloud-based apps

Some of the top predictions about cloud computing by Forrester’s 2018 include:

  1. Don’t expect any new global mega clouds, and plan for lock-in!
  2. Private cloud gets new life as an app creation and modernisation platform.
  3. Cloud security become integrated with – and integral- to cloud platforms!


Reasons to choose cloud-based apps

  • The cost to app development UK is affordable.
  • Flexibility and customisations choice to the users.
  • Ensure high speed and high performance.
  • It’s secure.


Accelerated mobile page

Top facts for the AMP include:

  1. Better ad performance on AMP pages
  2. 80% of publishers are realising high viewability rates
  3. Boost your conversion and reduce down the bounce rate to half!


Reasons to focus on AMP.


  • It speeds up website load time.
  • It improves down search engine ranking.
  • It improves server performance.


Increased mobile app security

Top facts for mobile app security include:

  1. Companies thinking about, how to build an app, which is easy to use while secure as well?
  2. Uber sets the benchmark for maintaining the highest mobile security standards.
  3. 91% of organisations plan to have a mobile work style strategy!


Reasons to focus on increased mobile app security:

  • Online transactions are safe. The main reason is that more & more deals are made from mobiles these days!
  • Testing the apps before launching them to ensure they are secure enough for the general public!
  • No room for cheats and availability of the financial & another form of data to hackers and online swindlers!


Android instant app

Top facts for the android instant app include:

  1. Android instant apps let users experience beautiful and immersive apps, with material design and smooth innovations, without installing them on their devices.
  2. No installation, no storage, merely use and forgot.
  3. Instant apps are open to all developers.


Reasons to focus on instant android apps

  • Ease of access. A link is required rather than the installed app.

Another reason is the choice of more creative and different types of apps. Developers can have the idea about the response from users.

  • Save space on the devices. Or if users don’t have space available in the methods, still they can use the apps.


Battery efficient apps

Top facts about battery efficient apps:

  1. battery efficient turn on battery saver of the device automatically.
  2. Users prefer these apps over universal apps.
  3. Keep up with the times!


Reasons to focus on efficient battery apps

  • These apps prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Smartphone charge lasts longer.
  • Ensuring no useless app is running on the device.


Final views

Organisations consider smartphones as best gadgets and are focussing more on this technology. Individuals are using mobile phones more than ever. Smartphones & Android, app development, is different from the recent years. Check out the above post for the top app development trends in 2018!


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