5 Must Haves to do After Writing a New Blog Post:

Merely writing the great blog post for your business is not enough. It’s usual that you are feeling excited after sharing your unique expertise and ideas with different users across the world. Blogging is the key element in the case we are working with different companies in order to enhance their social engagement and content marketing strategies. A sturdy and well-written content or blog can bring huge profits by improving the search engine rankings and clients’ engagement. Usually, after writing a blog, most companies forget to market it due to which it remains invisible from most potential users and the search engines.

In actual, it is the sole responsibility of the content marketer to publicise your blog. After publishing a blog, the only people that know about this content are you and the RSS subscribers. The search engine spider needs some time to crawl that blog which will, later on, be able to become visible among thousands of other blogs written on the same topic. It is highly inappropriate to depend only on some subscribers and search engines so they can increase your organic traffic. In fact, the content publishers should make proper strategies for promoting the content so it can be noticeable by the targeted clients. Here we will discuss what you need to do after writing a new blog post:

Integrate SEO Based Keywords: The content may be good but to get a good ranking and traffic from search engine, it is necessary to do a little keyword research. Picking the important topics, plugging the keywords using the various research tools and then implementing those search terms and variations in the blog content, Meta title and description can bring amazing results.

Reduce the URL of the Post: Some sites like Twitter need shortened URLs, which is a smart strategy if adopted. Analytics and tracking the click-through rate also sometimes require the shortened URL. You may also check the URL shortener account to track the referring site data, geographic location and click stats after some while when our link has been up.

Social Bookmarking: Most of us think that social bookmarking can instantly boost the traffic while this may not happen all the time. In fact, posting your content on famous bookmarking sites like Scoop, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. can bring increased ranking and traffic after some time. It is a great source of backlinking and exposure to the targeted clients.

Blog Commenting: Every potential client requires some useful info that we can easily disseminate via posting valuable comments on other blogs. It can be proved a great way of bringing traffic, developing relationships and increasing the back links. What you need to do is finding the relevant blog posts that comprise the same topic and check whether they lack any essential point that you have covered in your blog post. Then add the point in a useful and non-promotional way. You can also place your blog’s URL in the comment form.

Use E-Newsletter to Add the Blog Post: You should create an e-newsletter in order to merge the latest blog post (at least some of the content in it). Add in the headlines to check which post works the best. Afterwards, the topic that received a lot of clicks may require a follow-up from you so you can write on the related topics as well.