10 Solid Reasons Why Web Design Fails Your Business:

Being an entrepreneur, everybody wants to start a business in a way that can only lead to success. In online businesses, a website is the basis of an internet marketing that also reflects your business personality. Successful advertising campaigns always require a brand and appealing images in the form of a web design. Unique images with their appropriate placement, high quality material for content marketing and a well designed website design can help a great deal in making the customers remember your website for years.

But do you think that designing a website is an easy task? Obviously not. Getting a search engine visibility within 60 seconds can be possible if the website is designed professionally, otherwise it would just be another bad site that will only get wasted on the World Wide Web. It is needless to say that a bad web design would only put away your hard earned income rather than converting it into a profitable gain.

Where attractive website design grabs the customer attention, it also conveys your business message to a wider audience. But the question is why do a bad web design crashes your business. Here are the ten solid reasons behind it.

Reason 1: Not One Size Fits All: Very few websites are designed in a customised way. To whichever audience you are targeting, your website should speak of their body language digitally. Inappropriate marketing can kill thousands of your clicks and ultimately can dump your website into the search engine bin.

Reason 2: Overlooking the Mobile Gadgets: Today’s technological era comprises most of the customers that use mobile gadgets for online shopping or other transactions. Why most web designs crash is that they least focus on the optimisation of the website on the mobiles while around 50 percent of the total population uses mobile phones for this purpose. To get the best results, the web design must be completely optimised for the mobile phones.

Reason 3: Inappropriate Animation Use: Mostly web designs fail due to the improper use of animation. Just to make the web design or information look cool, animations are used too often. Use animation only if it can give some help or useful experience to the users.

Reason 4: Too Much Cluttered Website: Always remember that a cluttered website never seems good, rather it confuses and creates a bad experience for the user. To be a successful entrepreneur in online business, it is necessary that your website must be as simple as possible. Everything should be clear and easy as to what you want to exhibit to the visitors.

Reason 5: Use of Frequent Jargons: Using jargons or too many complex words in a sentence may distract the visitor. Use a simple and understandable language that everybody could comprehend. Your website must speak like a human, not a robot or as a corporation.

Reason 6: Focusing More on Catchiness than Understandability: When it comes to designing a website, most businesses emphasise on the attractiveness of the web design than its clarity or understandability. Statements like “what Nadvertex can do for you” may confuse the visitor. Instead, statements like “what we offer” can help the businesses to increase their trustworthiness and communication between the customers and the organisation.

Reason 7: Emphasising on “Me”: Focusing solely on “me” rather than the customers and their wants can merely turn your website into a brochure or an unpleasing item that nobody would even like to see. Remember that even though, you have got many awards for your business, nobody would be interested to know that. Instead of exhibiting such items, try to focus on the content because the high quality content is liked by all. Emphasise on the informative videos and blogs so they can bring increased blog traffic and ultimately good traffic on the website.

Reason 8: Inappropriate Use of Call to Action: Too much use of call to action buttons or links may distract the visitors which may result in the utilisation of the back button. One of the most notable feature of the successful website is that they use all types of links like text links, buttons, images and call to action at proper places so that the visitors may find the useful information quickly and can then move forward.

Reason 9: Irritable Elements in the Site That Could Annoy Visitors: Improper use of ads, unexpected pop-ups, irritating media and all such stuff may create an interference with what the visitor actually wants to get. Remember that the best websites never interpose the visitors, rather involve the elements that could improve the visitor engagement over the site. If adding the advertisements is essential, then use the ads that are relevant and create less or no interference.

Reason 10: Everything On a Single Page: Placing all the necessary information or text links on the same webpage may confuse the visitor. Instead, make appropriate webpages or sections for all the links so that visitors can reach the desired info(s) on separate page(s), without getting confused.